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Monday, 30 June 2014

Focus Group Discussion; Empowering Sea Turtle Protection in West Sumatra

This meeting was organized by:  Ministry of Marine Affair and Fisheries, Directorate General of Marine Coast & Small Island, Institute for Marine and Coastal Resources Management of Padang, in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra on 25 – 27 June 2014.
They invited BSTS to share management problems of turtle protection in the West Sumatra area where the level of turtle illegal trade is still high and conducted openly. In this opportunity, BSTS is represented by its Chairman, I Wayan Wiradnyana who gave a talk regarding sea turtle protection in Bali, which especially focused on:
Benefit of sea turtle protection
Management of sea turtle protection
Cooperation across sectors for the management of turtle protection
Policy regarding turtle protection
Challenges of sea turtle protection management
Ideal model of cooperation across sectors of turtle protection

Based on the material given, the participants received a clear picture of the importance of law enforcement for the effort of sea turtle protection. In addition, the discussion was beneficial to get a draft regarding form of cooperation between NGO, community, government and corporate.
At the end of this activity, it was agreed to form a network among government institution in managing turtle protection in the West Sumatera area, that consisted of province department, related regions as well as universities in the West Sumatera area.